Buenos Aires Local Buses: A Quick Guide for Travelers

Driving in Buenos Aires can be tricky, and so many people prefer the Buenos Aires local buses and transport buses for other cities in Argentina. Buenos Aires local buses have a variety of colors depending on their line, and there are over a hundred lines in Buenos Aires alone. So you can see that it’s pretty much a rainbow of public transportation!

Getting one of the Buenos Aires: atractivos turisticos en neuquen local buses to stop doesn’t mean waiting at designated stops at designated times, like in other countries. Instead, you must signal firmly and noticeably for the transport buses to stop. Once Buenos Aires local buses know that you want them to stop, they will, and you’ll be able to enter through the front door. It’s important to note that exiting is not done through this same door. Instead, Buenos Aires local buses have passengers exit from the center and rear doors of the vehicle.

The bus drivers in Buenos Aires local buses don’t handle the money. Instead, it’s given to a machine independent of the driver, so you need to have the money ready to feed in as soon as you get in one of the transport buses. No one in any country likes being delayed while unprepared people hunt for change!

If these relatively cheap ‘colectivos’ aren’t to your liking, you could try for a more upscale form of Buenos Aires local buses, called ‘differential.’ In these kinds of transport buses, you pay a bit more for more comfortable seats and a promised spot on a seat, instead of taking the risk of having to stand when things get crowded. These Buenos Aires local buses also often offer services such as minibars, snacks, air conditioning, and adjustable seating. They also frequently offer toilets, which can be a life saver if your bladder is full and you need somewhere to relieve yourself, now! Whether you prefer these transport buses or the cheaper kinds of Buenos Aires local buses is up to you and your wallet.

No matter which you pick, you will find it sometimes difficult to get out of the vehicle. Buenos Aires is such a busy, crowded place that you may have to bull your way through and squeeze through the crowd just to leave when you want to leave. Be sure not to miss your stop by being too timid, people in Buenos Aires expect a certain amount of aggression.

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Ultimately, if you’re visiting Buenos Aires, you’ll probably want to take one of the two kinds of buses, though. Since driving yourself entails additional expenses and the risks of the notoriously aggressive traffic of Argentina, you’re better off with public transportation buses. Buenos Aires local buses are a fairly well-developed system and can accommodate most people, whether visitors or natives.