SEO Web Hosting 101

There are plenty of webmasters from around the world who have been seeking to take advantage of the web development world by purchasing keyword rich domains with the sole intention of getting monetary returns. However, one of the most formidable difficulties that they seem to experience would be in their tryst to find the best canada hosting company  that offers impeccable support and even better service quality. When anyone desiring to put their website lives in the world of the internet purchases a domain, they are stumped with the question of choosing a proper web hosting service provider. While they may resort to reading a few seo host reviews and other informational material, they are yet bound to be tied up the debacle of making a decision.

There are a few pointers and guidelines to be kept in mind while opting for a web hosting company, these of which are termed as SEO Web Hosting 101.
Always insist on opting for a keyword rich domain that is easy to search for. It should be user friendly as well as search engine friendly.

As much as possible, webmasters should opt for purchasing aged domains. These have a much better visibility ratio and top search engines such as Google and Bing find them easily.
The best seo web hosting solution should be elected on the sole criteria of having zero server downtime. While there are plenty of cheap hosting solutions available, they have been noted for not having a steady and reliable server.

Webmasters are urged to check and insist on checking the bandwidth allocation that will be supplied to the portal. Depending upon the requirement and size of the website, webmasters may opt for better bandwidth levels.

Finally, it is best advised that webmasters read a few seo hosting reviews of the service provider so as to understand the true potential of the hosting source.

What You Need To Know About Page Speed

To many web owners page speed is all to do with internet service provider (ISP). But what they do not know is that this could be an internal problem as well. As much internet packages play the bigger role to determine how fast a web page loads, there is a galore of factors that determine page speed. let’s talk about what you need to know about Page Speed.

What it means to have a fast page speed

Since 2010, Google included page speed to the list of factors used to rank websites and pages. In good web practice, a page should load in less than half a second. On the slowest end it should take under 2 seconds for a page to load. Anything below this cutting point is considered slow and ranks poorly not only in Google but also other search engines and online resources.


Things that affect Page Speed

As said earlier, there are so many factors that contribute to page loading speed. They are a combination of both internal and external factors and they include;

· Size of images: it is no secret that the bigger your images the slow it takes for them to load. On the hand, smaller images take pretty less time to load.

· Web host: your host is the first reason to your kind of page load speed. If you have some host with poor resources then it goes without saying that it will take longer for your pages to load. A well equipped web host will ensure that you get top speed but you have to pay more for that.

· Your choice of theme: some themes come with internally built codes making them hefty. It will take longer to load a page with such a theme lurking in the background.

· Number of ads: with too many ads on your pages, it will take time to load them. Pages will few or no adverts at all take pretty short time to show up.


Best Page Speed Practices

If your pages are stuck in the slow loading zone, you need something to bring them up to expected speed. Here are a few ways to achieve just that;

· Enabling compression: this is especially for large image and long content

· Using content distribution network

· Image optimization: this gets your images into standard sizes that load faster

· Reduction of page redirects that increases time for your pages to show up

· Use your browser caches for speed leveraging

If you did not know, Page Speed could have the reason why you never get as much traffic as you deserve. You now know so make it count.